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2010 ,

Port-Salut, Haïti
Master Planning / Plan Masse
Akram El Harraqui working as Project Designer for IBI Group – DAA ‘s team.


This project is located in one of the most pristine spots of the Republic of Haïti. The Ministry of Tourism requested this study, in order to evaluate the potential of the site to become an international renowned resort. Akram El Harraqui, conducted the design and project envisioning for the account of DAA – IBI Group. The resort was to be designed around a major pool network overviewing the beach. The 240 residential units were to be implemented in optimized way reducing the impact of the buildings footprint.

2009121 - Port-Salut - Resort concept_DAA_03

2009121 - Port-Salut - Resort concept_DAA_02

2009121 - Port-Salut - Resort concept_DAA_10

2009121 - Port-Salut - Resort concept_DAA_08

2009121 - Port-Salut - Resort concept_DAA_10 copy