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Erbil, Iraq
Master Planning / Plan Masse
Akram El Harraqui working as Project Designer for Projet Paysage inc. ‘s team.


The Erbil Canadian village is articulated around a central core situated at the peak of the site. The amenities of the site can be found within the core: restaurants, café, fitness center, grocery store, drugstore, daycare center, etc.

Circulation throughout the Erbil Canadian Village shall be fluent, granting each residence access to the core with simplicity. A loop has been developed for a fluid and pleasant circulating experience. The presence of water is a key feature of the site. Therefore, the loop is integrated with a stream running from the two springs located at the top of the site. A “green belt” running continuously through the village provides each resident of the Erbil Canadian Village the pleasures of a green environment, consisting of a network of parks, kids playgrounds and tennis courts linked to the “green belt”.

Four medium rise towers on the top of the site will create a recognisable yet discreet landmark for the site. The rest of the housing units will include three different types of houses, ranging from 300 to 700 square meters.

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