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Dubaï, United-Arab-Emirates / Émirats-Arabes-Unis
Master planning and Landscape Architecture / Plan de Masse et Architecture de Paysage
Akram El Harraqui working as Project Designer for DAA Paysage ‘s team.


Zone 3 is to be a contemporary business centre, an authentic reflection of Dubai’s heritage and a tourist attraction based on the dhow trading activities which are to be retained. The Vision Plan and Colab’s architectural proposals are a replica of traditional architectural style. However, the introduction of the podium level G +1 is a new urban element that is not based on local architectural tradition. In our view it creates an opportunity to be expressed in a form derived from the natural landscape. We believe that the most authentic inspiration is that of the desert sands. Refer to il- lustrations in figures 1&2. Line, form, light and dark, pattern and texture are design elements that are derived from these images. In architectural expressions, the work of Frank Lloyd Wright (Guggenheim Museum in New York), of Douglas Cardinal (Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Canada) and Frank Gehrey, (Guggenheim Museum , Bilbao, Spain) are relevant examples.

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